Janssen Engineering Building

A short duration, fast paced demolition and new construction project of an occupied, University of Idaho educational facility. Green Water’s Janssen Engineering Project necessitated hazardous material handling, while accommodating the need for the University’s work spaces to remain fully occupied during construction.

Green Water performed all plumbing, HVAC duct and equipment installation, carpentry, process piping, steam piping, hydronic piping and general demolition. Subcontractors provided mechanical insulation, line voltage electrical upgrades, acoustical ceilings installation, HVAC controls and numerous drywall repairs that included framing, wall patching, drywall removal and reinstallation, and painting.

Installation of new heat exchanger and piping, replacing existing steam piping.

The building was occupied during construction, so we implemented careful measures to ensure occupant safety and comfort. We completed all work over a short, 90-day duration during the University’s summer break, necessitating careful and frequent coordination with the facility owner, occupants and subcontractors.

Green Water worked closely with the HVAC unit manufacturer to ensure the unit would fit through the mechanical room door and into the existing space. We decided to procure the unit in sections and assemble it onsite. We used a crane to place the sections on the loading dock and then manually rolled them into the mechanical room.

Other work includes design build Direct Digital Controls (DDC), HVAC commissioning, HVAC distribution systems including exhaust and ventilation; testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB); fire extinguisher installation, painting, framing, structural steel fabrication and installation, and more.

Customer Relationships

Green Water’s superintended worked closely with the different college departments housed in the building. Each occupant had a different schedule and we coordinated various occupants’ schedules with our construction schedule. The occupants were happy because they were told they would have to vacate the building but we worked with them directly to ensure minimal disruption.

Benefit to State of Idaho, Division of Public Works

Green Water Energy worked closely with facility occupants and instructors to continuously modify our construction schedule, allowing most offices and work spaces to remain fully occupied during construction – saving the state considerable moving and relocation costs necessitating private contractors.

Project Details

Year: 2015
Contract Number/Identifier: Idaho Division of Public Works (DPW) Project No. 15252
Location: Janssen Engineering Building, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID