Northern Cheyenne Health Center

This Health Center Power Supply Project exhibits Green Water Energy’s ability to effectively manage the installation of an emergency power system for a remote hospital.

This remote HIS hospital experienced frequent power disruptions. The project entailed replacing an existing 250KW diesel generator, installing a new fuel tank, new transfer switches, excavation and trenching, underground electrical conduits. Installation also included a new 2-hour fire rated room to enclose electrical switch gear, new fire doors, asphalt cutting and patching, structural concrete, painting, installation of a thermostatically controlled ventilation system (HVAC) and modifications to the fire suppression system.

All work was subcontracted. (Subcontractors and supplies were scarce due to the remoteness and therefore procurement of both required significant long term planning.)

The electric equipment and generators used on this project were manufactured in Puerto Rico but Hurricane Irma caused massive power outages in Puerto Rico that delayed the shipment to this project. We created a plan to provide emergency temporary power with a diesel standby generator as well as a fueling company to provide diesel on two hours’ notice. Green Water provided all contract management and tracked RFI, submittals, schedules and other activities.

Because this is a functioning hospital, Green Water provided temporary, emergency backup power at all times during construction, and we maintained strict dust control measures for work performed inside the hospital. Any disruptions to the electrical or HVAC systems would cause catastrophic failure. We employed an offsite Quality Control Manager at all times to ensure conformance with the contract, drawings and specifications and compliance with both tribal and federal regulatory requirements. We provided numerous value engineering design changes throughout the project.

Customer Relationships

Despite manufacturing delays, we finished the project on time and under budget. Green Water prepared a three week look-ahead schedule every week to review with the owner and subcontractors to anticipate issues or other hurdles. IHS was “Very Satisfied” with our performance and we have since been awarded a $4M IDIQ contract.

Benefit to Indian Health Services (IHS) Northern Cheyenne Health Center

Green Water provided several cost savings/value-engineering suggestions saving 5% of the total contract value.

Project Details

Contract Number/Identifier: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services HHSI10230002T
Location: Indian Health Services (IHS) Northern Cheyenne Health Center, Lame Deer, MT
Year: 28 February 2018