Renovation at BIA Pine Hill School, NM.

The Ramah Navajo Indian Reservation, Pine Hill School is a remote educational facility in Pine Hill, NM. The school had a non-functioning HVAC system as well as a deteriorated and failing infrastructure and exterior façade. The school was relying on portable space heaters and some rudimentary electric base board heaters to provide heat in the classroom spaces. Air conditioning was non-functional.

Due to the remote nature of the project, the Government has not had an onsite Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). [The Government COR was re-assigned at the start of this project, significantly delaying construction and severely interrupting school activities.] We have worked with the Government via Web-Ex and email to identify numerous unforeseen conditions and provided suggested corrective actions. We also recruited subcontractors to support this project despite difficulties in material acquisition, lack of reliable phone and internet service and difficult weather conditions.

New external AC unit

Green Water demolished numerous interior ceilings and partitions to provide an all-new HVAC system and supporting electrical needs. We are providing new interior finishes, lighting, DDC, fire alarms, ceilings and EIFS, all while the school is occupied.

Access to the existing HVAC units was through a deteriorated EIFS soffit. The project documents did not account for this; Green Water provided a design-build proposal for a replacement soffit system.

Additional design-build changes Green Water proposed included reinforced concrete housekeeping pads, line voltage electrical improvements, lighting upgrades and more.

Indoor duct work and electrical under construction

Customer Relationships

Green Water proactively worked with the owner, despite the remote location, to identify numerous design deficiencies.

Benefit to Bureau of Indian Affairs

The lack of a Government COR delayed construction and severely interrupted school activities. Green Water re-worked our critical path schedule to accommodate the School and significantly decreased construction delays.

Project Details

Contract Number/Identifier: A17PC00096
Location: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Ramah Navajo Indian Reservation, Pine Hill, NM
Year: 2018